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Three Creek Night
At Circus Flora 2014


What's more fun than a night at the circus? - A night at the Circus with TCB!!

Sunday, June 1 - 5:00 PM performance - Circus Flora Site

Contact a Hunt Secretary for more information. Hunt Secretary

National Basset Trials, Aldie VA

Spring 2014 Results


in the 5 Couple Division

The scenting was tough at Aldie this spring, but rabbits were aplenty. The Three Creek Basset five couple set out at 2:30 pm, with high sun and low humidity. Strike hounds Penny, Meaghan and Erna spoke to numerous lines, but the anchor field of Abby, Helen, Cassie, Diva and Jethro, plus new entry Elvis and Ember were struggling to carry the scent. Then with 15 min left to go in the competition Penny struck and was immediately honored by Abby and several others, who took the line down into an old stone spring house from which several hounds, including Elvis, pushed out a rather large buck and it was ALL ON. In full cry the entire pack took the rabbit line up a large hill. The rabbit did a near 180 degree turn near the top and hounds were quick to pick the turn, pursuing the line back down the hill, across a small ravine, and then up an opposite hill into some tall grass mixed with briars. Hounds worked the check for a few minutes, then struck the line again, following it across an open waterway into the next patch of cover. By this time the dry conditions were evaporating any remaining scent, however hounds worked diligently picking at traces of the line just as time was called. Hounds were called to "pack up" and immediately all 5 couple of hounds were accounted for, making a near perfect conclusion to the hunt test. Huntsman Laura, as well as whippers-in Lei, Ashley and Jamie Berry, (our friend from the Cassanova Hunt in VA, and former kennel huntsman of the MOC Beagles), returned to the kennel winded from the run but smiling from ear to ear with pride for the excellent work demonstrated by our wonderful Three Creek Bassets.